Collect your favorite folk, bluegrass, country or old-time songs on chord charts handouts which are easy to follow.

Play along with a realistic sounding folk backing band and enjoy your practice. You can now easily build your solos, work on your improvisation skills and jam on all your favorite songs.

Create, edit, print and transpose easily chord charts handouts of your favorite songs and follow them while practicing or jamming.

Download arranged songs and tunes from the internet for free.

"The sound quality is very good." Steve Carr -


• very easy formatting of chords and editing of songs
• play along with the band consisting of upright bass, banjo, guitar, mandolin, organ and brushed drums
• separate volume channel for each instrument
• transpose the songs to any key
• download numbers of arranged songs from web
• print and PDF export
• repetition support for repeated chord sequences
• support of major, minor, seventh, sus4 and slash with bass note chords

Audio Samples:

Rocky Top

Knocking on Heavens Door

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